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What is Azure Data Platform?

By Valdas Maksimavicius
Published in Data Architecture
March 21, 2021
1 min read
What is Azure Data Platform?

Here is my first video where I talk about the Azure Data Platform! In the video, I share learning materials that data professionals interested in Azure Data Platform should check.

In the video you will learn about:

  • Hands-on exercises, created by Fabio Braga, where everyone can experiment with Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse Analytics, Cognitive Services and so on. - Azure Data Platform End-To-End
  • An extensive slide deck, created by James Serra, on how Azure Synapse Analytics fits into the whole Azure Data Platform ecosystem
  • All Azure data professionals looking for a good read should check out “Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure”. A very up-to-date book written by Has AlTaiar, Jack Lee and Michael John Peña - Register to access “Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure”

p.s. Speaking at conferences is always exciting, but I’ve never thought that turning a camera on can similarly increase your heart rate


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