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Building Modern Data Platform in Azure - Resource Collection

By Valdas Maksimavicius
Published in Data Architecture
March 20, 2021
4 min read
Building Modern Data Platform in Azure - Resource Collection

The official Azure documentation often takes a siloed approach and misses out more advanced Big Data / Machine Learning end-to-end scenarios. Here is a collection of awesome blog posts on Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake and other related topics. Understand the bigger picture, build configurable end-to-end pipelines, automate deployment, set up accesses and permissions.

I collected links that helped me move forward with data platform implementation. Some of the recommendations and instructions might not be longer valid, as vendors push the boundaries with new functionalities all the time. Hence, don’t copy the provided code or solutions blindly! Use it as inspiration, lighthouse to figure out best solution for you!

Understand the Bigger Picture

Intro to Azure Data Platform

Build Pipelines with Azure Data Factory

Azure Databricks

Azure Purview

DataOps blog posts

Security blog posts

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